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Its unit is joule.P.E is the type of mechanical energy, which is defined as Energy due to motion and position. Remember, kinetic energy is the energy of motion. The faster the body move,s the more the kinetic energy is formed as a process of movement . Kinetic energy depends upon two things, i.e. mass (m) and velocity (v) as the formula of kinetic energy depicts; Where ‘m’ is the mass of the object that is in motion and ‘v’ is the velocity. There are many types of motion that use kinetic energy: translation (moving from one place to another), rotation, and vibration.

Therefore, by the above formula, we can say that kinetic energy is directly proportional to the mass and square of the speed of the object in motion. For example, a demolition ball stores energy when it is held high without activity. The height of the waterfall is one of the basis for potential energy, while the movement of water is a base for the kinetic energy. Energy due to the position is called potential energy.

The energy which is stored in a body because of the elevation is called as gravitational potential energy. for example when a bus speeds up going down a hill, the potential energy of bus converts into K.E. This type of energy is present in every object which has a mass and position within a force field and has a kinetic energy of zero relative to other objects. Some bodies like waterfalls contain both kinetic as well as potential energy. This includes Elastic potential energy, Nuclear energy, Chemical energy, Gravitational potential energy, and Electric potential energy. There are various forms of potential energy. It is represented as P.E.It is a scalar quantity. There is not much potential energy at the bottom of the hill, but there is a great amount of kinetic energy.

Kinetic energy is a form of energy that results from an object's motion. Potential energy is the process of storing mechanical energy of a physical system by virtue of its configuration and positioning. Some Examples of potential energy That we can find in the day to day are a swing, a demolition ball, a trampoline, a balloon or a pistol with spring, among others.. Coiled spring, raised hammer, stretched rubber band are some examples of potential energy.

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