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Gone are the days when Quercus bicolor was considered a cheap substitute for everyone’s favorite, Quercus alba. Unlike many Swamp White Oaks, Sun Breaker® drops its foliage clean in the winter to best show-off the textured and colorful bark. Plant it in an area along a pond, a stream of other wet sites. Swamp White Oak Tree. Botanical name: Quercus bicolor Family: fagaceae Group: white oak. Click on images of Swamp White Oak to enlarge. Swamp White Oak Quercus bicolor (Swamp White Oak) It is a deciduous tree with a wide spreading domed canopy and lush green foliage, it is also resistant to pest and disease, has drought tolerance and looks great in the street. But it grows just as well in an urban or suburban setting, with tolerance to compacted soil and (perhaps surprisingly) drought. As the name suggests, this oak is found growing wild in low-lying and swampy areas — often moist bottomlands or river banks. Swamp White Oak Quercus bicolor.
Swamp white oak is the perfect tree for areas with water draining issues or as a specimen tree near ponds/creeks. As the tree matures, the ridges widen and develop a plated or scaly texture with narrow furrows in between the plates as opposed to the pronounced ridges and furrows on white ash bark.

The open rounded crown makes it a good shade tree for large areas. White oak bark is also gray with ridges and narrow furrows. Post oak bark is similar to that of white oaks, but is darker and more rough, with smaller raised scales. Also, unlike other oaks, the dark brown bark of branches peels away in ragged curls exposing the lighter colored bark beneath. The acorns are distinguishable by they're long stalks. The shiny, dark green, 5- to 6-inch-long by 2- to 4-inch-wide leaves have fine white hairs on their underside, and irregular margins. Sun Breaker® Swamp White Oak can be relied upon for dark lustrous foliage and a full and balanced crown. It produces a good acorn crop every 3 to 5 years that wildlife love to eat. Introduction. The Latin name bicolor refers to the distinctive two-colored appearance of the leaves: green on the upper surface, and whitish on the under surface. This deciduous native tree reaches 50 to 70 feet in height with an equal spread, forming a broad, open, rounded canopy and casting dense shade below. Swamp White Oak is a relatively large deciduous tree growing to be 80 feet tall with a long life span. Quercus bicolor: Swamp White Oak 1.

It is identified in the landscape by its unique, large, bicolored lobed leaves that are a medium green on top and silvery white underneath and peeling, warm brown bark in juvenility. Swamp White Oak. Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson 2. Quercus bicolor. ";s:7:"keyword";s:20:"swamp white oak bark";s:5:"links";s:9170:"Ting A Ling Meaning, Tropico 6 Story, Function Of Engine, Little Mix Youtube, Bahrain Merida Bikes, Gran Turismo 5: Red Bull Car, Liberty Elementary School Teachers, Shrek Long Face Meme, Haaretz English Print Edition, Benefits Of Level 8 Courses In New Zealand, Tag You're It Lyrics, Momentary Meaning In Tamil, Mac Text Editor For Coding, Jonathan Dickinson Trail Map, Paxton Pomykal Parents, Information Processing Model Of Communication, The Darkness 2019, Diphosphorus Pentoxide Molar Mass, Yagyū Munenori Vagabond, 420 In South Africa, Aerosmith 1982 Tour, Civilization Revolution Update, Printable School Bus Rules, Knights Middle Ages, Construction Unions Near Me, Jorja Smith - The One Lyrics, X-men Legends Character Roster, Kansas Soccer Team, Goose Snow Cone, Suno Na Sangemarmar Movie Name, Gran Trak 10, Mbbs Full Form Wikipedia, Tropico 6 Nuke, Drag Racing Games, Price Of Gas In Berlin Germany, Nissan Note 2010, Chesapeake Bay Bridge Maryland, Nissan Leaf Lease, Eiger, Mönch Jungfrau, Honda Cbr650r 2019, Hm Revenue And Customs, Xavier's Mumbai Mba Eligibility, Childhood Quotes With Sister, Nerve Cell Parts, Belle époque Streaming, The Settlers: Heritage Of Kings Maps, Proof By Induction Examples, Munyon Island Kayaking, Solidworks 2019 Sheet Metal Tutorial, Bruno Coulais La Nuit, Cars With Heated Seats And Remote Start, All Proteins Can Be Made From Varying Combinations Of, Jumpstart Academy Cost, Orange Center School District, Cities Xl 2019, Swashbuckle Basic Authentication, Short‑finned Pilot Whale, Books About Lilith, How To Make Friendship Bracelets Chevron, Unafraid Of The Dark, Types Of System Pdf, Principles Of Electronics Pdf, 2016 Volvo Xc60 Curb Weight, Playstation All-stars Arena, 2004 Hyundai Equus For Sale, Nike Facebook Post, Pj Trailers Ohio, Flight Radar Kuching, Sevilla Fc Fixtures, Buppah Rahtree Full Movie, How To Pronounce Flaw, Sam Esmail Interview, Graduate Mechanical Engineering Jobs Nz, Nat And Alex Wolff Movies, What Is Investment, Sports Car Brands, Bajaj Ct 110 Images, Freddy Adu Jersey, How To Play Wonderwall On Guitar Chords, The Weathermen Rap, Civ 6 Korea, Home Improvement' Cast Death, O Sathi Sathi Re, Van Morrison Youtube, Crm Project Management Ppt, Old Aunt Jemima, Best Minivan 2012, Evil Queen Vs Maleficent, Trucks For Sale In Arkansas Under $5,000, Xpress X17 Top Speed, Ford Focus Titanium Sedan, Patrick Duffy Movies, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}