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13, 15), relatively few studies have examined the potential for co-evolution in mixed-species environments. Even some species of fish are evolving smaller sizes to avoid being fished. Coexistence theory informs that stochastic temporal dynamics, such as interannual variation in precipitation or in resource pulses, are known to promote species diversity through several fluctuation‐dependent mechanisms (see Chesson for details). 2011), and can influence predator–prey dynamics (Yoshida et al. 2010; Hiltunen & Becks 2014). Indeed, bacteria often …
Species coexistence can be promoted by both equalizing mechanisms that increase fitness equivalence among species and stabilizing mechanisms that decrease niche overlap among species. 2008; Becks et al. 2010; Yamamichi et al. Many species are also motile9, which is studied in terms of mechanism10,11, benefit12,13, strategy14,15, evolution16,17 and ecology18,19. 2005; Shi-mada et al. Rapid Evolutionary Change and the Coexistence of ... A sometimes subtle theme running through much of coexistence research is the role of evolution in shaping communities (Dayan & Simberloff 2005, MacArthur & Levins 1967, Urban & Skelly 2006). genetic change which is rapid enough to impact an ecological change) affect the fitness of individuals and their populations (Hairston et al. Reduced fitness inequality due to rapid evolution of sinigrin tolerance in the native may be crucial to delaying competitive exclusion in recently invaded sites, to allow time for the evolution of niche divergence, and thus stabilized coexistence.

Understanding coexistence of closely related species lies at the nexus of disentangling how historical and ecological factors govern patterns of biodiversity. 2003, 2007; Friman et al. rapid contemporary evolution (i.e. Request PDF | Rapid Evolutionary Change and the Coexistence of Species | Understanding the forces that allow multiple species to coexist remains a central focus of community ecology. Although it is well established that single-species populations of bacteria can evolve over time (e.g. Strength of the coexistence mechanisms can be altered by evolution.

Because all organisms are the product of past and current evolutionary forces, our understanding of species coexistence will be incomplete if we …

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