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Imagine the harsh Northwinter, freezing cold, snow. The Amur Leopard or Far Eastern Leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis) is one of the eight subspecies of leopard. It is known to adapt to almost any habitat that provides it with sufficient food and cover. The Amur Leopard preys on many animals like, hare, deer, mountain goats, moose, musk deer, wild pig, mice, fowl, Manchurian wapiti, black bear, small rodents, badgers, and wild boar. Social Structure The Amur leopard is habitually nocturnal and solitary.

And here from the tropics came leopard and a new subspecies emerged – the Amur leopard. The Amur leopard is found in temperate forest habitat, which experience a wide range of variability in temperature and precipitation. Amur leopard diet. Currently, they either live in captivity or the Amur-Heilong Forests located along the Amur River ("Amur Leopard," WWF UK, n.d.).This area of Russia, China, and North Korea is home to more species than any other temperate forest in the world ("Amur-Heilong Forests," WWF UK, n.d.). Among cloven-hoofed animals the main […] It is only found in the Russian Far East and North East China and the latest population census taken in 2017 suggests there are now around 100 individuals. A survey conducted in 2007 reveals that only 30 – 40 adults and 5 – 6 cubs have been left. Amur (Far Eastern) leopard traditionallyhunts cloven-hoofed animals. Due to their small population, Amur Leopards inhabit only a very small sector of the Earth. The Amur Leopard, like many different types of leopards are skilled hunters, stalking their prey within striking distance. But sometimes it hunts other animals as well, birds and even fish.

What does Amur Leopard Eat?

Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis) is one the critically endangered species that is found in the southwestern region of Russia.

The Amur Leopard stays active mostly during the night (Nocturnal) , which makes it easy to prey on animals that …

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