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As I passed, the stop sign begin to extend, likely meaning the red lights started flashing.

A school bus is a vehicle that can be identified by large “School Bus” signs on the front and back of the vehicle, or a yellow bus marked with the words “School Bus” in black letters. The flashing yellow lights are to warn you the bus is about to stop. If the yellow lights are flashing, it is legal to pass the school bus, but you should proceed with caution if the yellow lights are on as this signals that the red lights will come soon, and especially if you're facing the same direction as the school bus, if passing when the yellow lights are flashing, be prepared to stop in case the red lights … Remain stopped until all students are safely on the bus or on the side of the highway, and until the bus’s flashing red lights have been turned off. If you are approaching a stopped school bus from either direction, with its red lights flashing, you must bring your vehicle to a complete stop in front or rear of the school bus and wait while children are getting on or off the bus. Yellow lights will begin to flash to warn drivers that a bus is approaching a stop. Passing a School Bus in NJ (39:4-128.1) is a very serious offense for which you can lose your drivers license, go to jail and even perform community service.

The bus was not stopped so I thought it was ok to keep going. If you are approaching a school bus from either direction with flashing red lights, you must stop at least 25 feet away from the bus. An officer was parked in front of the bus so he saw me pass the front of the bus while the light flashed red. Hi, I passed a school bus with blinking yellow lights while traveling the speed limit - 40 mph. Can you pass a moving school bus with yellow flashing lights? You must not proceed until the bus resumes motion or until signaled by the school bus driver to do so. If you stopped you are fine. Do not pass a bus … You cannot pass the bus when the lights are red.

Do not pass or closing approach a school bus with flashing red lights. Jail is rare for first time offenders but if an accident occurred or your case was egregious it is certainly possible.

-- When a school bus is stopped and displays flashing lamps in accordance with subsection (b) of this section, the driver of any vehicle approaching the school bus from the front or from the rear shall stop before passing the bus and remain stopped until such bus begins to move or no longer has the red stop lamps activated.

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