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Started by luffy ; Jun 22, 2019; Replies: 7; Breeding Fish.

Breeding White Cloud Mountain Minnow. Volume. Parameters. White Cloud Mountain minnow White cloud mountain fish Chinese danio. Aquarium Calculator. The male is slenderer and its dorsal and anal fins are more developed and coloured .
120 L / 26 imp gal / 32 US gal. Started by valkyrie712; Oct 21, 2019; Replies: 3; White Cloud Mountain Minnow. L. Question White Cloud Minnow Fry.
Origin: China and Thailand Biotope: Asian.

Right now they’re the only fish in my new 10 gallon planted aquarium. Difficulty. Thread starter; FishyWater2525 Valued Member. Dimorphism.

White cloud mountain minnow white cloud mountain minnow tanichthys white cloud minnow care setup tWhite Cloud Mountain Minnow Fish Species ProWhite Cloud Mountain Minnow The Care Feeding And Breeding OfRemended Caring For The White Cloud Mountain Minnow FishRobyn S White Cloud Mountain Minnow PageWhite Cloud Mountain Minnow Trade MeWhite Cloud Mountain Minnow … See the section on washed out fish for more information. Stressed white clouds lose their intense colors and become "washed-out." The mouth of this fish slants upward and its lower jaw is slightly protruding. My sister just randomly looked in my tank, started screaming, and low and behold, I have around 30 WCMM Fry!!!! They have a breeding period that lasts 8 months (March-October). Help, long-fin white mountain cloud minnow fry during tank cycle. Cyprinidae. So mostly I’m wondering about stocking options but I have a few questions for you all. Group. White Cloud Mountain Minnows Aquarium Start Date 29th July 2017 Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrite 0 ppm Nitrate 40 ppm Temperature 62-75°F (17-24°C) pH 7.4 Lighting Twinstar LED Aquarium Light 450E Skimmer No Aquarium Filter Type External Live Rock Amount 3-5KG Seiryu stone Aquarium #2 Size ADA Garden Cube 20C Tank #2 Type Freshwater Planted Tank Tank #2 Fish, Plants, Inverts, … May 20, 2015. Len has e-mailed me that his female white clouds actually display against each other as well.

The males are more colorful and slenderer than females. Minnows have no barbels, and their dorsal fins are on the mid-line of the body of this fish.

I have not seen my females doing so. Yesterday I adopted two (1 male, 1 female) gold white cloud mountain minnows. Started by foreverLostFish; Jul 21, 2019; Replies: 3; More Freshwater Aquarium Topics. The length of White Cloud Mountain Minnow can reach up to 1.5” (3.81 cm). Make sure that when they are kept in a tank, there is an equal number or both male and female species. T°: 14 à 24°C or 57 to 75°F pH: 5.5 to 7.5 Hardness: 3 to 15°dGH. Easy. Breeding in white cloud mountain minnows is relatively easy compared to other tropical fishes.

Messages 58 Reaction score 0 Points 41 Experience 2 years Hello! A displaying white cloud mountain minnow male is one of the most gorgeous views of a fish in my opinion. … Origin.

White Coud Mountain Minnow FRY EMERGENCY! F. White Cloud Minnow Fry Help. I have 2 regular and 4 gold WCMM in a 10 gallon cold water cycled tank that's been up and …

Just trying … Size.
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