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transform! All of these make reading and watching films a lot of fun. The on line American to British English converter, what it can do for you. Queen's English and American English differ in three areas .. spelling, pronunciation and - of course - names for many everyday things. Differences in Spelling
Rubber in American English: condom. in fiction George Bernard Shaw says that the United States and United Kingdom are "two countries divided by a common language"; and Oscar Wilde says that "We have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, the language" (The Canterville Ghost, 1888). There are also some words like AC, Airplane, bro, catsup, cell phone etc. "The Pronunciation Queen" ... down into pieces and then builds it back up again so the person can see step by step what is really happening in American English. Transform easily American English to British. This divergence between American English and British English has provided opportunities for humorous comment: e.g. English learners are often confused about the difference between American and British English. Some words widely used in British English and seldom in American English are advert, anti clockwise, barrister, cat's eye.

To that end we have created an on line British to American translator to make it easier for people to use American words and English words safely and conveniently convert UK English spelling to US English, for example, UK English uses the letter 'u' in words such as; colour, favour, flavour etc., whereas American spelling leaves the letter 'u' out; color, favor, flavor. US to UK English American English to British English Converter. English News Lessons: Free 26-Page lesson plan / 2-page mini-lesson - Pronunciation - Handouts, online activity, mp3... current events. Simply paste the US-English text in the form and press the "transform" button. The Everyday Grammar team looks into six ways that the two varieties of English are different. In the beginning I learned a lot from books such as Clear Speech and American Accent Training, so I think they are a good place to start.
Transcription and pronunciation of the word "queen" in British and American variants.

Here's a little list of things I can think of right now. Detailed translation and examples. which are common in American English and not used very often in British English.
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