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However, we must constantly work towards this ideal to create a safer and thriving society. About 700 years ago, Dante imagined that a world government would be the best way to stop the devastating wars between the princes of Italy and bring world peace. World peace is something mostly everyone truly wants.

In your answer you should refer to TWO thinkers from the course.” In your answer you should refer to TWO thinkers from the course.” Please use Immanuel Kant for the first thinker and George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel for the second thinker. With all of the conflict occurring in this country and around the world, it’s hard to believe that world peace is possible.

Real peace, on the other hand, will be the down-to-earth product of the real world, manufactured by realistic, calculating leaders whose sense of … Peace is only possible when we speak the truth with love as well as listen with trust and good intentions. Without working toward this goal on a constant basis, our … Is world peace possible? Yet, peace requires more than imagination.

Some will call you a hippie for believing it's possible, while others would just think that with all of this violence going on, it's a normal statement for people to make to voice their goals about the world. Remaining hopeful, though, is a …

Understood, Even though sometimes war seems to be necessary, it is still an illness that must be cured. Thus, World Peace in totality is only a far-fetched dream, just as one worldwide air temperature isn’t possible. The desire for and then the imagined blueprint were only the first steps. Pacifist organizations have fought slow down the arms race and avoid that a conflict between two nations could lead to a total annihilation.

This is world peace that is possible and that I am creating the blueprint for in my imagination. Remaining hopeful, though, is a personal choice. “Is world peace possible?

The United Nations emerged as an international organization with the purpose of maintaining international peace and security.

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