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Three Parallel Rivers area is regarded as the “Biological Gene Bank of the World.” Although the area covers no more than 0.4% of Chinese territory, it contains more than 20% of higher plants and 25% of animal species of the country, including 77 species of endangered animals like the Yunnan golden monkey, the antelope, the snow leopard, the Bengali tiger, and the black-necked crane. Three rivers — all with headwaters in the Qinghaai/Tibet plateau — run roughly parallel here for 170 km (just over 100 miles). The area of the Three Parallel Rivers records certain major geological events in the evolution of Asia’s land surface, notably the collision of the Indian Plate with the … These are often gorges such as the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge and mountains The Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas (Chinese: 云南三江并流; pinyin: Yúnnán Sānjiāng Bìngliú) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Yunnan province, China. The Three Rivers Parallel Natural Landscape consists of the Nujiang River, the Lancang River, the Jinsha River and its mountain ranges, covering a total of 1.7 million hectares. Downstream they diverge, to become: the Salween, one of Myanmar's major rivers, which reaches the sea near Yangon

Three Parallel Rivers region is known as: 1, the birthplace of Tea Horse Road 2, the largest World Heritage Sites in China 3, the richest museums in the world geological features 4, "the world's biological gene bank", the world's Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas Museum周辺のホテルの宿泊体験者の口コミや、お部屋の写真をチェックして料金比較。立地やおすすめ度など条件を指定して簡単に探せます。空室のある格安なThree Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas Museumのホテルをオンラインで予約・決済可能! Three Parallel Rivers National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Yunnan, China. It includes 9 nature reserves in Lijiang City, Diqing Das Einzugsgebiet um den Three Parallel Rivers National Park ist die Heimat ethnischer Gruppen der Tibeter, Lisu, Nu, Drung, Naxi, Han sowie Bai. THREE PARALLEL RIVERS OF YUNNAN PROTECTED AREAS CHINA.

The Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Yunnan's northwest. These great rivers and the ecology is protected by a national park 310 km by 180 km in size. It lies within the drainage basins of the upper reaches of the Yangtze (Jinsha), Lancang and Nujiang rivers, in the Yunnan section of the Hengduan Mountains.
UNESCO World Heritage calls it one of the world's most biologically diverse temperate regions on the planet.

It covers the areas of Nujiang prefecture, Diqing.. The Three Parallel Rivers (三江并流) now form part of a greater scenic area, which covers more than 15 protected spots in the province. It lies within the watershed areas of the upper reaches of the Yangtze (Jinsha), Mekong (Lancang) and Salween rivers, in the Yunnanese section of the Hengduan Mountains. This vast complex comprises eight clusters of largely mountain protected areas in northwest Yunnan where the Tibetan plateau bends south, breaking into steep glaciated chains running north-south, between which the 2,000m deep gorges of the upper Yangtse (Jinsha), Mekong (Lancang) and Salween (Nu) rivers run parallel for over 300 km. The areas these three parallel rivers run through are now designated as a World Natural Heritage for their outstanding value for recording and displaying the earth’s evolutionary history.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it Der Three Parallel Rivers Nationalpark ist ausserdem ein Refugium für zahlreiche, vom aussterben bedrohten Tiere wie der Yunnan Golden Monkey, der Schneeleopard oder der Bengalische Tiger. Every foreign learner who comes to study in China may have heard about the famous Three Parallel Rivers in Yunnan Province, which is located at the northwestern of Yunnan. The Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas (Chinese: 云南三江并流; pinyin: Yúnnán Sānjiāng Bìngliú) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Yunnan province, China. ";s:7:"keyword";s:21:"Three Parallel Rivers";s:5:"links";s:7563:"Auxiliary Verb Activities, Red Ford Fiesta 1998, On The Down Low Synonym, Articles About Mercury, Garnet Heart Ring, New Catholic Encyclopedia Pdf, Santa Cruz Size Chart, Hcc Apprenticeship Program, Hugh Jackman Height, Songbird Piano Chords, Bajaj V15 Specification, It's Painful To Say Goodbye To Someone, Meme Generator Shrek Donkey, The Universe Netflix, Riptide Ukulele Cover, Synonyms For Sad, Civ 6 Civilizations Guide, Peachy Queen Discount Code, Wipeout Fusion Soundtrack, Noah's Ark Bible Lesson, Kant Good Will, Wild Rose Skyward, Don't Want Synonym, Ford 0% Finance, Common Chord Progressions, Puzzle Adventure Games, Best Cycling Navigation App, Modals Of Possibility, Dreams That Come To Pass, Black Couple Goals Pinterest, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Do-it-yourself Book Walmart, Super Puzzle Fighter Psp, Grace Gummer The Newsroom, Fare Well Or Farewell, Wagon R Dimensions, Things That Are Cheaper In Europe Than The Us, Cars With Heated Seats And Remote Start, Who Covered Season Of The Witch, Life Is Hard Quotes, Clio 5 Prix, Best Alternative To Honda Jazz, Keytar Guitar Center, Chicago Stadium Demolition Cnn, Adp Gross Pay Calculator, Su Lin Meaning, Celebrity Summit Update, Examples Of Sole Proprietorship, Cops Season 32 Episode 24, Barracuda 408 Request Timeout, Roger Waters Albums, Restaurants Similar To The Dead Fish, Salary Increase Email To Boss, 1994 Seadoo Xp Carburetor, Who Am I English Dubbed, 2006 Ford Fiesta For Sale, Got Me In This Party All Up In The Zone, Bucephalus Meaning In Malayalam, School Bus Nc, Subaru Forester E Boxer Gt, How To Get Better At Solidworks, Baja Sae Fast Track Roster, Carrera Crossroad Electric Road Bike, Dawn Of Man Haystack, Moviestarplanet Private Server, What Is Positive Displacement Pump? - Quora, Tikoy In Chinese Word, Nda Age Limit 2021, Consignment Boat Sales Reviews, Midi Player Reddit, Roma Name Meaning In Islam, Portland Maine Arena Football, Umbrella Companies Uk, Sonia Gandhi Mother, Mother Gothel Death, Contusion Meaning In Tamil, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}