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I've always kinda assumed that ship phasers and photon torpedoes are in the kiloton range but I can't seem to find any cannon sources citing any precise figures.

WORF Standing by. Three gigajoules is equivalent to 0.717 tons of TNT. Set phasers to fun! Or so KIrk said. Eventually, four more phasers and five more torpedo tubes were added.

It has also survived encounters with giant crystals, hostile armies, and a malevolent, god-like being.

Phasers are energy-based, meaning as long as you have sufficient power you can continue to fire them.

Ok. From a very basic standpoint the power phases are like the firing order of the cyclinders in your car.

Now you're talking. Phasers are locked on target. Back in-universe, phasers are the go-to weapon.

Published: 11:18 EDT, 27 … A hand phaser can vaporize you.

The Enterprise-E had twelve phaser arrays and five torpedo tubes designed for use with the new quantum torpedoes, a more powerful alternative to the classic photon variety.

If the atmosphere is volatile, it would make sense that phasers could ignite them. The Federation prefers to refer to the phaser as a defensive device as well as a tool; the phaser can melt rock, cut through objects or stun an opponent.

A TOS hand Phaser on overload can apparently take out an entire deck of the USS Enterprise. They are very powerful against most unshielded targets, and can be brought to bear from nearly 360 degrees (provided all … As for how powerful they are, a Galaxy-Class was fitted with Type-X phaser arrays, which were the most powerful types in the fleet, second only to the Type-XII arrays fitted to starbases.

As for how powerful they are, a Galaxy-Class was fitted with Type-X phaser arrays, which were the most powerful types in the fleet, second only to the Type-XII arrays fitted to starbases.

Phasers seem to be more of a defensive weapon, like the dual-purpose guns or standard missiles on modern destroyers, while torpedoes are more Harpoon/Tomahawk type weapons. Against shields, phasers appear to be tactically equivalent to 300 TW plasma cannons and 30,000 to 40,000 TW laser cannons. Man builds REAL Star Trek beam gun (not quite powerful enough to defeat the Borg, but it can pop a balloon) By Ted Thornhill.

It takes about three gigajoules to do that. Starfleet officers switched from laser pistols to phasers by the mid 23rd century. Phasers would work for a soft kill "shoot his rudders off" attack while torpedoes would be good for overwhelming his defenses and blowing his ship in half.

Variable valve timing hit the scene a few decades ago as a means to eliminate one age-old dilemma in engine design: do you tune the engine to be civilized and friendly, or ill-mannered but powerful?

The Sovereign-Class, on the other hand was fitted with the same Type-XII arrays. RIKER Fire when ready. 3 THE ENTERPRISE-E Incidentally, that same amount of energy will melt two and a half tons of steel. It boasts powerful shields, strong engines, and top-of-the-line phasers and photon torpedoes, and as a tactical option, the saucer section can be separated, forcing enemies to suddenly fight a two-front war. I don't know if it's been addressed anywhere in the cannon but how powerful are phasers and torpedoes?

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