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The main class can have any name, although typically it will just be called "Main". Follow the instructions below. The modifiers public and static can be written in either order (public static or static public), but the convention is to use public static as shown above. Remember that if you make any method non-public then it’s not allowed to be executed by any program, there are some access restrictions applied. It runs with the help of JDK (Java Development Kit). Prior to JDK 7, the main method was not mandatory in a java program. The main focus in these environments is on source code. main method is public, static and void and accept an String[] as argument and from Java 5 onwards it can also accept variable arguments instead of array. Re: Method call problem in BlueJ 800387 Feb 14, 2010 2:36 PM ( in response to 843789 ) Urney wrote: much like is likely you don't know then, ( If your are going to slag someone off, at least type it properly ) but if it is annoying you all so much. If we use private, protected, and default before the main() method, it will not be visible to JVM.
Its main features are that it is: Simple - It has a deliberately smaller and simpler interface than professional environments like NetBeans or Eclipse. When the "BlueJ: Method Call" window pops up, just click "OK" to send no arguments to the method. The syntax of the main() method is: public: It is an access specifier. BlueJ was developed to support the learning and teaching of object-oriented programming, and its design differs from other development environments as a result. You can name the argument anything you want, but most programmers choose "args" or "argv". This allows beginners to get started more quickly, and without being overwhelmed. This is the access modifier of the main method. BlueJ for Windows is a development environment that allows you to develop Java programs quickly and easily. This main() method is further calling the Method1() and Method2(). The method signature for the main() method contains three modifiers: public: indicates that the main() method can be called by any object. The static block is first executed as soon as the class is loaded before the main(); the method is invoked and therefore before the main() is called. Accepting a Filename on the Command Line The main() method accepts a single parameter: an array of Strings. The main() method can appear in any class that is part of an application, but if the application is a complex containing multiple files, it is common to create a separate class just for main(). Almost every town, large or small, has a main street, which is generally the place where the town began. ... objects, and method calls—in front of the students’ eyes and let them think and talk about them. ... which sends a message to the class to run the method called main. Basically, java.exe is a super simple C application that parses the command line, creates a new String array in the JVM to hold those arguments, parses out the class name that you specified as containing main(), uses JNI calls to find the main() method itself, then invokes the main() method, passing in the newly created string array as a parameter. If you have questions along the way, ask. You could write your full code under static block and it ran normally. The role of accessors and mutators are to return and set the values of an object's state.
When the "BlueJ: Method Call" window pops up, just click "OK" to send no arguments to the method. When the "BlueJ: Method Call" window pops up, just click "OK" to send no arguments to the method. Main Street, Javaville. Accepting a Filename on the Command Line The main() method accepts a single parameter: an array of Strings. main is usually declared as static method and hence Java doesn’t need an object to call the main method.

Now you can call this as a method definition which is performing a call to another lists of method. We should use a public keyword before the main() method so that JVM can identify the execution point of the program. Choose "void main(args)", which sends a message to the class to run the method called main.

And this is exactly what BlueJ does.

It has to be public so that java runtime can execute this method. CS 117 Lab Getting started with Java and BlueJ.

The main() method then calls all the other methods required to run your application. main method is a standard method and has pre specified signature, if you change the signature of main method JVM will not be able to locate main method will throw Exception at runtime as shown in above example. One of the ways we can enforce data encapsulation is through the use of accessors and mutators.
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