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In terrm of space 4x, I think Stellaris is pretty hard to beat, but currently a lot of individuals experiences late game issues under certain conditions, but a patch is coming to help to that effect. hi guys, played stellaris a lot back in the days, like few years back. TheNova Editionis only really worth it if you were going to buy the soundtrack anyway - $10 is a fair price just for that, and Andreas Waldetoft’s excellent score is definitely worth chipping in for. The three DLCs that I recommend most highly are Leviathans, Distant Stars and Utopia. The latter comes with lots of advisor voice packs. One of my favorite games on which I dropped 2300 hours is pretty much 20 years old. Utopia is that one DLC that everyone recommends and they have a good reason for doing so. Utopia and Distant Stars, in particular, are great and well worth their price tag. are dlc worth it? Every other dlc (maybe except for apocalypse) is just a niche inside the niche of stellaris, and most likely isn't truly needed. The first major DLC to come to Stellaris, Utopia is still the most relevant DLC to all playstyles, even with some of its content reintegrated into the base game. This is perfect for people who enjoy playing Stellaris as a management sim. Plantoids & Humanoids Species packs are the least "essential", but they still add some nice flavour. It basically puts more stuff into the universe for you to find, use and interact with while you already enjoy the game. Most of that stuff is neutral mid game content and it comes with some attractive little boni to make the content worth hunting up. I couldn't imagine playing the game without them. I mean, every game is worth playing if that's your thing right. Game is at 75% discount, DLC is between 25% and 75% discount, there's a bundle with Apocalypse, Utopia, Synthetic Dawn and Leviathans at 64% discount (that's 5€ less than buying them seperately) and I have no idea what is worth getting and what isn't. The only thing it adds to the game itself is an extra insectoid portrait. Unlike Synthetic Dawn and Apocalypse, Utopia added several different categories of new content, instead of focusing on just one. And if you want to host MP games, especially larger ones, then even that DLC is worth buying, because more species portrait variety and ship look variety is nice. All except Plantoids, a purely visual DLC, are worthwhile. It adds a lot to the late-game of Stellaris, but it isn't necessary. That depends - if you enjoy the game at all, the Leviathan DLC is a no brainer. (But don't get me wrong some say you theoretically need no dlc to have fun, on the contrary others say a game is not complete with something like a planetoid pack, etc.) But heavily modded it, added new ships, bigger ships, bigger weapons, better strike cruisers made game more interesting and maybe a little bit unbalanced warwise. Problem is: I have no idea if I want the DLC.

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