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Examples of insights in a sentence: 1. Reading good books like biographies of great men in our leisure hours gives us an insight of hard labor they had to put in to attain the heights of glory. Example sentence - He had numerous insights to the childish behavior. In our days, when the period of development pointed at by Turgenev in his celebrated novel is almost entirely lived through, we can only wonder at that deep insight with which the author had guessed the fundamental characteristic in that life movement which had celebrated that period. Sentence with the word Insight.

Insight pronunciation. "His job experience gave him a unique insight into the problem." How to use insight in a sentence. Reading Time: 2 minutes. M-W also gives an example sentence with insights : Her book provides us with fresh new insights into this behavior. Insight pronunciation. Example Sentences for "insight" During our book club meeting, Joan made a number of insightful comments that really helped me to understand the novel betterThe book is full of profound insights on the reasons for the continued suffering of mankind. Philosophy gives us an insight into the true meaning of life and makes us reflective and serious. Related Questions.

This needs a different kind of skill and insight. This brings me to his second great insight, the constant theme of his life and work: to promote happiness, not of the few but of the greatest number. Wiki User 2011-05-06 01:25:07. By reding the paper he gained insight. GREAT to hear from you, Liz (so to speak -- grin), and your insight is a welcome addition. This insight is the basis of lease-an-ear, a thriving service branch. 2. insight in a sentence. This sentence is saying that the leader has an impressive ability to understand things; this is a general insight. Use insight in a sentence? Few of these books actually offered new insights in comparison with those that were outright plagiarisms or filled with misinformation. I find the book to be of exceptional historical interest in the insights it gives into the development of … Asked in Example Sentences How can you use the word insight in a sentence?

Your insight is about a long as your attention span when dealing with world wide beneficial long term solutions that might take years if not decades to realize.

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