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The typical metabolic profile is a normal anion gap hyperchloremic acidosis with hypokalemia and a urine pH of 5.5. Serotonin syndrome is a potentially fatal condition triggered by too much nerve cell activity. His mother says that "he has not been himself" for the last few months. Toluene specifically causes renal tubular acidosis. Diagnosis: clinical. Exposure to toluene may occur from breathing ambient or indoor air affected by such sources. Lithium's toxic effects limited its clinical use until appropriate serum monitoring became more readily available. Central Nervous System Toxicity.

Toluene is added to gasoline, used to produce benzene, and used as a solvent. In contrast, toluene is a very common contaminant of water and soil in the vicinity The bigger question is whether it is really causing any issues. Toluene causes euphoria followed by depression. POTENTIAL FOR HUMAN EXPOSURE Toluene is occasionally detected in drinking water supplies due to industrial water discharges or from contaminated surface water, but occurrence is not widespread and levels are generally much lower than levels found in the air. It is identified as CAS#108-88-3, and the United Nations Department of Transportation's number for toluene is UN#1294. Hello, I am trying to find the explanation for one question on the nbme but I cannot. Benzene is highly volatile, and most exposure is through inhalation. Benzene is highly volatile, and exposure occurs mostly through inhalation. 1–3 Public health actions are needed to reduce the exposure of both workers and the general population to benzene. Learn more about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of serotonin syndrome at WebMD. Chronic benzene exposure: acute or chronic myeloid leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Carbon tetrachloride toxicity: free radical formation → centrilobular fatty change, congestion, and necrosis of the liver. While this research establishes that the preservatives and sterility providers are vaguely toxic, it doesn't look at the in situ conditions and the question as to whether it is toxicity or healing that …
Toluene toxicity is a good example of this. The urinary osmolal gap is a superior measure of urinary NH 4 excretion, as compared to the urinary anion gap. Methotrexate-related leukoencephalopathy, resulting from administration of the drug methotrexate, is an uncommon yet important type of toxic encephalopathy.Methotrexate is administered via oral, intravenous, or intrathecal routes for many clinical indications, but its use as a chemotherapy agent for hematological and other malignancies is particularly relevant in regards to its neurotoxic effects. Benzene is degraded rapidly in the upper atmosphere. The central nervous system (CNS) is the primary target organ for toluene toxicity in both humans and animals for acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) exposures. If aspirated → aspiration pneumonia.

Sources of exposure to benzene . Toluene (methylbenzene, toluol, phenylmethane) is an aromatic hydrocarbon (C7 H8) commonly used as an industrial solvent for the manufacturing of paints, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and rubber. Gasoline contains 5% to 7% toluene by weighty making toluene a common airborne contaminant in industrialized countries. In the 1970s, Lithium carbonate was approved in the United States for the treatment of acute mania and bipolar disorder and it has been in use ever since.
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