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";s:4:"text";s:3650:"Nearly 6 years after the original mission limit, Spirit had covered a total distance of 7.73 km (4.80 mi) but its wheels became trapped in sand. NASA's Opportunity, the Mars rover that was built to operate just three months but kept going and going, was pronounced dead Wednesday, 15 years after it landed on the red planet.

I would like to die on Mars. Naturally, NASA is very pleased about how long the machines have managed to last, and as far as I know they have every intention of keeping a team working with the rovers until such time as they both give up the ghost. Accidents and mechanical failure can affect the ability of a rover to survive. Facts About Mars. Just how long the rover will be trundling along the martian surface is currently open for debate but NASA officials estimate a much longer period of 10, 12 or even 15 years. If I take the time to “create” to be the time from conception to launch, the Mars Exploration Rovers (Spirit and Opportunity) took 1163 days, or about 3.2 years. The rover's landing site provided scientists with compelling evidence that liquid water had been present beneath the surface and long ago flowed across the surface of Mars. But first, let’s start with how long it takes to get to Mars: between 210 and 300 days depending on how close Earth is to Mars during their respective orbits.. Just not on impact. However, NASA are hoping to extend it indefinitely with the aim to operate the mission as long as it’s scientifically viable. Opportunity fell silent when a global dust storm swept across Mars in June 2018. It’s hard to say - this rover is powered by an “RTG” (a radioactive power source) which should last for at least 15 years. The Opportunity rover hasn't returned NASA's calls. There's no specific time limit for how long a rover can last on Mars. This design means the rover can tilt up to 45 degrees in any direction without toppling over. The last communication received from the rover was on March 22, 2010, and NASA ceased attempts to re-establish communication on May 25, 2011. Originally the Curiosity mission was planned to last for two years. Spirit (MER-A), Mars Exploration Rover, launched on June 10, 2003, and landed on January 4, 2004. Opportunity's team members hope NASA will keep the project going as long as the rover keeps going. By comparison, the Sojourner rover that landed in 1997 lasted for 83 days on the surface of Mars.
– Elon Musk. NASA's Curiosity rover, or Mars Science Laboratory, could last on the surface of the Red Planet for five or six years, depending on the health of its onboard mechanisms and power system. Without solar panels (which get covered in dust) there should be no problem with power or heat for the various components. Accidents and mechanical failure can affect the ability of a rover to survive. I can speak for one of them (actually two of them) with atypical accuracy. Each rover has six-wheel drive for getting around and a "rocker-bogie" suspension designed for stability. Its lasting silence means the agency's Mars Exploration Rovers program has come to an overdue end. NASA's Mars rover Opportunity owed its astounding longevity to superior engineering, smart and creative drivers, and surprisingly consistent Red Planet winds, mission team members said. There's no specific time limit for how long a rover can last on Mars. The center of gravity for the rover is at the pivot point, where the rocker-bogie attaches to the body.

How Did Mars Rover Last 10 Years? The Mars Science Laboratory and its rover centerpiece, Curiosity, is the most ambitious Mars mission yet flown by NASA.
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