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This report details the design of the electrical systems implemented on the vehicle including wireless telemetry, This report reflected our results and indicated the improvements to pass the technical inspection and achieve better results next year. So is judging! Battery pack question for electric teams. Although many metrics and details are reviewed during judging, it is easy to overlook various features which are critical to a given team’s efforts. The accumulator container is designed, with accordance to FSAE rules and collaboration with the Chassis team, however it is bound to change due to chassis design alteration. The aim is … The FSAE 2017 results were analyzed from the endurance event to see how much energy the teams used, the completion time, and weights of the vehicles. the best design possible keeping in mind packaging constraints and downforce required. Cell energy in kWh, according to FSAE Rules: 0o maxE C U ˜ (1) Maximum output power: 0max maxP U I ˜ (2) Volumetric energy density: o v E E V (3) Gravimetric energy density: 1394 V.A. The following report encompasses the design of the 2015 University of Akron’s FSAE formula electric braking system.

I have a doubt in order to select the correct capacity of our battery for the next year. When I look in last year results I see that the average capacity is 6-7 kWh, even in European competitions. Knowing that battery is critical to turn on the Engine, for all the other electronics things the alternator would supply the enough current. (FSAE Electric); this change has introduced a host of new engineering challenges in the design of a safe and reliable fully electric powertrain. GR.2.2 Rules Validity GR.2.2.1 The Formula SAE Rules posted on the website and dated for the calendar year of the competition are the rules in effect for the competition. Sullivan, Quinn Jasha Bryan, "The Design, Implementation, Evaluation and Results of a Race Car for the Collegiate Formula SAE Electric Competition" (2016).Dissertations and Theses.Paper 3016. Formula SAE is a student design competition organized by SAE International (formerly Society of Automotive Engineers ). A block diagram overview of the system, created by Brian Sennett (MIT '13), is presented in Figure 2.1. We want to change from led-acid to lithium technology. Design Report of the High Voltage Battery Pack for Formula SAE Electric The 25th World Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition It can be noted that the factor 0.8 occurs a number of times in the calculations: battery charging is 80% efficient, 80% of the nominal battery capacity is utilised and the electric power train has an efficiency of 80%, as is illustrated by Figure 3. The 2016 Formula SAE vehicle electrical systems design project provided enhanced electrical systems for the 2016 FSAE vehicle that competed in the Michigan 2016 FSAE competition. At the very bottom of the report, there is an estimated battery lifetime value, based on observed drains since the last OS installation. This area gives you a clear outlook of how well your battery's life is holding up over time. Teams spend 8-12 months designing, building, and preparing their vehicles for a competition. FSG Design Event Scoring (Some Insight into the Process) The design and developmental process of a FSAE/FS EV car is a complex process. 2 / 20 1. I am in the battery team and currently designing our battery pack.

Figure 11. Final design of the diffuser VI. Hi everyone, we are a new team participating at Lincoln in 2019.

In the next year, we will decide the specification of the suspension and steering system at first and then design the frame. The most important point for the improvement was the low tolerance design of the front part of the car. The FSAE rules The final section of the report displays battery life estimates at full charge, compared to the designed capacity. The conclusion was made that the accumulator needed to be 4-5 kWh for this design. Kalmakov et al. We want to use 18650 cells. Formula Racing at UC Davis is a student design team challenged to design, build, and race a formula style electric vehicle for the 2013-2014 FSAE competition. Formula SAE challenges students to conceive, design, fabricate, and compete with small formula-style racing cars. The system is one based on hydraulic braking and designed for
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